As an ethically-minded company, Steve Watson & Partners is proud to support a number of charities, both in Australia and abroad.
Doing our bit to support great charity organisations has been important to SWP since we began in 2003. Our ongoing commitment to giving something back means that you can be sure that you are not only getting the highest quality of service from us, you are also helping to make a difference to the community.
Over the last three years we have donated $30,000 to the School of St Jude in Tanzania for a brand new multi-purpose sports court which was completed on 27th June, 2020. Click here to see a short video of the completed sports court.

We were also proud to support St Jude's new Girls’ Secondary School. This school will provide exceptional classrooms, facilities and teachers to over 400 girls. Click here to watch an inspiring video of the school's opening ceremony. Now with over 1800 students, we're thrilled to help this organisation reach these milestones - great achievements for a school who began in 2002 with just 3 students.

In addition to the ongoing support of our friends at St Jude’s we recently donated to Rural Aid to assist our drought affected farmers and to Australian Red Cross for Disaster Relief and Recovery for those affected by bushfires.     SYDNEY  |  MELBOURNE  |  BRISBANE  |  CANBERRA